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I can’t remember if I posted this before, but Mike Manasewitch asked about it so here it is.  This is from my 2007 rejected pilot “Reaction Shot Park”  It’s a pretty self explanatory, but that didn’t stop me from coming up with 4 shitty minutes and one real fun on at the end.  So that’s what you’re seeing here. Only the good stuff for my Homies!

This has Justin Roiland, Kelsey Abbott, Scott Chernoff, Ben Pluimer, Jason Makiaris, Dean Pelton, James Atkinson and Melinda Hill.  Of note is the fact that they’re all infinitely more famous or important than I am now.  7 years poorly spent, I guess!




Hey!  Here’s a trailer for my new web series, starring Cass Rasmussen, Mike McCafferty. Matt Sloan, Aaron Yonda, DeMorge Brown, Dawn Cody, and Jason Makiaris!


I have no familiarity with She-Hulk, I wonder if Brian Wysolmierski represented it accurately. Youtube commentators were outraged at Dumbledore’s heterosexuality. 

The latest episode of Shut Up Cartoons! Icons of Teen, starring Dawn Cody, Cass Rassmussen, Jason Makiaris and Mike McCafferty. And whoever Louie Jabar Jr. is. 

I used a discarded Party Giraffe 2 script for this episode. Don’t think I changed any dialogue — this episode is a little poor compared to the others (through no fault of the actors). The floating head was the only new bit not in that original script.

The final episode, for next week, is one of the craziest things I’ve ever made. Pretty excited about it.

This is one of my favorite episodes if Icons of Teen.  This was a hard episode to conceive, because I wanted every character to be recognizable as a teen — that’s why Master Chief has his helmet, Indiana Jones has his fedora, Batman has his cowl, etc…  Dumbledore’s cap wasn’t signature enough, so I decided to just put him in full scuba diving gear. 

Thanks to Justin Roiland, Wade Randolph and Whitney Avalon for providing voices, and Jason Makiaris for recording the vocals.

Batman takes on the Joker AND Zeus in the newest episode of Icons of Teen.  With Cass Rasmussen as The Joker, JD Ryznar as Zeus, and Bennie Arthur as “alternate” Batman.  I pulled a ‘dickert’ and cast myself as Batman.

Here’s the Indiana Jones episode, Icons of Teen #6. Jason Makiaris does an outstanding Harrison Ford, so this episode was a no-brainer. Also featuring Abed Gheith, James Atkinson, and Dawn Cody. The next two episodes coming up are some of my favorites (and are some of the craziest).
“I think the creators of this cartoon were drunk, smoking pot, eating shrooms, sniffing meth, and taking LSD.” — a current top Youtube comment.

A few years ago, I made Teenage Captain Kirk.  I was obsessed with the project — I thought I was finally making something that could be popular, and give me professional notice. It was also a great way to take advantage of Mike McCafferty’s excellent Shatner impression.  The audience didn’t vote it back at Channel 101, and it only acquired a couple thousand views on Youtube. Years later, I was hired for my first professional project based on Teenage Captain Kirk.  So it kind of worked out.

Here’s the Captain Kirk episode of Icons of Teen. It’s basically a sequel to “Teenage Captain Kirk”.  I usually write my Channel 101 scripts in two’s, so I was able to dust off a 3 year old script. I consider this one, and The Oprah episode to be the most “normal” of the episodes I produced.  Next week it gets extra crazy again with Indiana Jones.


“Panos and Chernoff!” Wysolmierski said in his own words

This is one of my favorites.  Vatche and Scott are so good together.


Hey you know what I missed until now is Brian Wysolmierski’s Icons of Teen series for Shut Up Cartoons.

Why not start here. It’s got Schrab and Freund and She-Roiland in it

I made poor Amy scream for about an hour recording the VO. Special thanks to MC Griffin, helping with hopping animations.